Must-Have Restaurant Equipments

Whenever you start a new restaurant, or you look to expand the menu of an already existing one, it is essential to equip it with the necessary kitchen equipment in a quest to find its success. Kitchen supplies are also very vital in cooking meals the right way so that food is not distorted in the cooking process and becomes ‘another’ meal than the expected one. In listing out kitchen equipment, it entails everything from the countertops to the backbones and the small equipment. They entail refrigeration equipment, beverage equipment, cutting equipment, cooking equipment among many others. In purchasing this equipment, it is important to know what’s expected of them and their proper functioning so that you end up with the right equipment.

restaurant table

In selecting standard cooking equipment like deep fryers, ovens, and ranges, it is important to note that most of the equipment are configured to use either gas or electricity. Choose a product that can comply with your area’s fuel availability and safety codes. These commercial cooking products have other accessories (extra supplies) that ensure the best functioning of this products. Typical examples are fryer baskets and fryer oil filters among many others.

In the cooking equipment also, comes another range of specialized equipment that is used in cooking particular types of foods like gyros and stir fry. The products include light duty, heavy duty, and standard duty. It is easy to find the perfect cooking equipment that works for your business when you understand how essential and fast this equipment are.

Other products are used to condition the commercial kitchen equipment so that they stay in the right condition, function better and also last longer. There are also different accessories used for the same purpose (maximizing the results and power you get and use your restaurant equipment respectively.)- Including water filtration systems. In this category also, there is cleaning equipment like simple gas fittings used to exhaust hood filters. These ensure hygiene and also maintain your equipment.

kitchen restaurantA crucial but very much neglected category of kitchen supplies is chef clothing and shoes. This clothing should be of standard. Whether one is cooking at home or in a restaurant kitchen, it is important to familiarize oneself with kitchen attire. These include aprons, shoes, caps, fire resistant clothing, long sleeves, hair restraints among many others. All these work in ensuring hygiene in the kitchen and also to protect the chefs. For instance, the shoes should be fitting and comfortable because chefs stand a lot in the kitchen to avoid strains and aches and also protect them from sharp objects or pouring hot liquids. The apron is used variously, but it mainly protects chefs and also other people like physicians from staining their clothes. The pockets in it are used to keep necessary stuff so that chefs don’t take a million trips to the kitchen. Chef uniform is a must!